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IAI Information

This page is intended primarily for Illinois State University advisors, faculty and staff. Students should refer to the Illinois Articulation Initiative Home Page for information on the IAI transferable core.

The goal of this page is to clarify Illinois State procedures concerning the Illinois Transferable General Education Core.

IAI policy is presented on the website and Illinois State implementation requirements are published in the Undergraduate Catalog. It is important to point out the difference to students who may transfer out of Illinois State. They will be held to the requirements of their transfer institution. Note, too, that while Illinois State is implementing a slightly more liberal approach, the requirements still respect the intent of IAI.

The following students are eligible to participate in the Illinois Transferable General Education Core Curriculum:

  • New transfer students have the option of completing either Illinois State's General Education program or the Illinois Transferable General Education Core Program (IAI). NOTE: To be eligible for IAI, at least one transfer course must have been articulated to an IAI core requirement.
  • Any readmit transfer student
  • Evaluation Services makes an initial determination of General Education options when evaluating transfer students. The initial placement can be found on SDAX where U=University Studies, G=General Education and I=Illinois Transferable General Education Core (IAI), A=AA or AS and S=Second bachelors. Advisors can change the Gen Ed option using the appropriate transaction.
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