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School/Department Incomplete Grade Form

Per the University Catalog:

An incomplete (I) will be assigned to a student who is doing passing work but finds it impossible, because of reasons beyond her or his control (such as illness), to complete the required work by the end of the term. The student must have attended class to within three weeks of the close of the semester or to within one week of the close of the summer session. Exceptions to this policy may be granted by the University Registrar. Students will not be allowed to graduate with an incomplete on their record.

At the request of department chairpersons and school directors, the School/Department Incomplete Grade Form is available as a resource for instructors, but is not required. This Formstack form allows instructors to enter student information, course details and remaining requirements, and a deadline which, upon submission of the form, are summarized into an email sent to the instructor and the student. The email, documenting the details of the Incomplete course as well as expectations of the student and instructor, should be retained by both.

Upon completion of the course requirements, the instructor must submit an online Grade Change Request, found at MyISU under the Academics tab, assigning the student's final grade earned. If the Registrar's Office does not receive a Grade Change Request within one year of the original I grade being assigned, the grade of I will lapse to a grade of F.

School/Department Incomplete Grade Form

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