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Applying for Professional Educator License

When can I apply for my Teaching License?

After you have received notification from the Office of the University Registrar that your teaching entitlement program is completed. Walking in Commencement is not the same as graduating. Receiving final grades, completing final audit, & ISBE notification must occur before you can apply [generally within 2-3 weeks after Commencement].

How do I apply for my Teaching License?

Most new teachers can apply online at the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) Web site for their teaching license. Once the Evaluations Office has completed the final audit and has notified the ISBE that you have completed your entitlement program, you will be emailed through your ISU account with the instructions on using the ELIS system to obtain your teaching license. If you try to apply for your teaching license before your graduation has been finalized, the ELIS system will not let you complete the process.


What about getting a Substitute Teacher License?

If you are in an Illinois State Teaching Entitlement Program you DO NOT need to get a Substitute Teacher License. You cannot apply for a STL until you have been officially graduated [finalized by the Evaluations Office]. When you are finalized, the ISBE will be notified & you will be able to get the REAL teaching license. As we make teachers our primary concern at graduation and because of the need for licensure, all teaching majors are processed first during final audits. Most teaching majors are finalized within 10 business days after Commencement.

If you are NOT in an Illinois State Teaching Entitlement Program but want to sub in the schools after graduation, contact your Regional Office of Education for the current application process here. Remember, non-teaching majors are finalized AFTER the teaching majors, so allow time after Commencement for final grades & auditing.

Instructions for Completing the Application for Teacher Licensure


  • Go to the ELIS & log in (If you do not have one, set up an ELIS account)
  • Select the "Applications" menu item.
  • Select the "Entitlement Licensure Application" menu item
  • Click on the "Apply Online" link.
  • Follow the 11-step wizard through the application process. Your license is official upon the completion of the online wizard & fee payment.
  • Print the final page for your records.
  • Register you license in the region you will be teaching in or (if not employed) living in via ELIS or your local ROE.
  • Mail OFFICIAL transcripts from all institutions you have attended to the ISBE (if you have not pre-ordered official transcripts to be sent upon degree completion)
  • Go to your ELIS account to verify that your license has been issued and all endorsements and/or approvals are accurate.

In addition to applying for your license online, you will be able to use American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa credit cards to pay your fees. Make sure to check that the ISBE has your correct name and current address.

Request a copy of your official transcript ($6 per copy) to be sent to you after posting of your degree. Transcripts can be ordered at Registrar Service Center in Moulton, at Student Accounts, via mail or or through the National Student Clearinghouse online ordering service

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