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Postponing your Teaching Career

If you are not planning on teaching right now, you  still need to process your Professional Educator License application after graduation. For those students intending to pursue non-teaching employment or to delay the start of their teaching careers:

  1. Complete the regular teacher licensure process [entitlement program, graduation*, application via ELIS for an Illinois Educators Licensure as soon as possible.
  2. Register your license online (ELIS) or in person with any Regional Office of Education (ROE).
  3. Regularly renew your registration even though you are not currently teaching.

*NOTE: In order to officially graduate from ISU as an Education major, you must meet ALL requirements for ISBE entitlement (ISU policy). If you do not have all requirements for the ISBE licensure (such as passage of the APT test), you have not completed the entitlement program. ISU cannot, therefore, notify the ISBE that you have completed your entitlement program (ISBE regulation). If ISU cannot notify the ISBE, then ISU cannot award you your degree or officially graduate you. If you are unable to meet all entitlement requirements at the time you anticipated graduating ISU, your only options are to either postpone graduation until you can meet those requirements or change your major to a non-education major and then meet those major requirements.

Failure to apply for your teaching license or failing to regularly renew your registration can cause delays, additional costs, loss of endorsements and/or loss of approval for your entitlement program.  The ISBE is continually revising and updating the standards for teacher licensure.  Current time limits for the initial application is within 12 months from when the entitlement notificationw as given to the ISBE and 6 months from issuance of license to have it registered with an ROE. Students who wait too long after completing their approved entitlement program to apply for licensure will need to:

  • Complete the State-approval Program Verification form #ISBE 73-05 if it has been over one year since your graduation. Mail, fax or bring in the ISBE 73-05 form (with the top section completed) to the Evaluation Services Office for verification and signatures (Mail: Campus Box 2202, fax: (309) 438-2338, in person: Moulton 107). We will forward the form directly to Springfield and then you will need to work with your ROE to complete the application process.
  • Complete additional course work &/or skills testing to comply with the current laws & standards

If you completed your application but failed to renew your registration while you were not teaching, you will need to:

  • Pay back fees and potentially need to take additional course work  to REGAIN your status as a certified teacher. See the ISBE website for more information.


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