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Subsequent Endorsements

Illinois Licensed Teachers Seeking Subsequent Endorsements
You may now apply to be recommended for a subsequent endorsement through Illinois State University if you have completed all of the requirements for the endorsement and meet the following criteria:

Requirements for an Illinois State University Subsequent Endorsement Recommendation:

  • You have completed an Illinois State University Teacher Education program and have completed a minimum of six semester hours of coursework at Illinois State University towards the requested endorsement OR You are a licensed teacher and have completed the entire endorsement program or the required courses/credit hours for the endorsement at ISU
  • You already have a current Illinois State Teacher License that may be endorsed
  • You have passed the required licensure tests and have the required amount of content coursework for the desired endorsement

DO NOT APPLY for a Subsequent Endorsement through Illinois State University if you have never attended ISU. Your application will be DENIED and no refund will be issued. NON-ISU alumni must apply directly with ISBE through your ELIS account.

What Illinois State University will and will not consider for a subsequent endorsement recommendation:

  • Only coursework from Illinois schools of higher education will be considered (unless undergraduate hours were already articulated to ISU for the first licensure program)
  • No coursework completed more than 10 years from the date of the application will be considered
  • ISU will not recommend an endorsement in an area in which we do not have an approved program unless it is an endorsement only program that the student completes at ISU
  • All coursework and testing requirements must be complete and documented at Illinois State University for a recommendation
  • Course content acceptable for the endorsemenet is based on departmental standards of the relevant teacher education program at ISU. In some cases, our teacher education programs will hold a higher standard of acceptability then the ROE or ISBE.
  • Graduate and undergraduate courses will be considered for the desired endorsement

Students must apply for subsequent endorsements directly with ISBE through your ELIS account in the following circumstances:

  • The ISU graduate has new out-of-state coursework that needs to be considered for the endorsement
  • There is coursework completed more than 10 years ago that needs to be considered for the endorsement
  • The endorsement is for a program that ISU does not offer (initial licensure or endorsement program)
  • The candidate has not completed an ISU Teacher Education licensure program nor the entire endorsement coursework at ISU
  • The ISU graduate hasn’t completed any coursework at ISU for the subsequent endorsement
  • The candidate is seeking endorsements in any Special Education field or grade level


- If you meet the above requirements for an Illinois State University recommendation for a Subsequent Endorsement then-

  1. Complete the Request for Subsequent Endorsement Evaluation form.
  2. After completion of the online request form, print a hard copy.
  3. Drop the request form at the Registrar Service Center, Moulton Hall 107 with a check or money order for $30, made out to Illinois State University, and any other official transcripts. You may also mail this information to:

    Office of the University Registrar c/o Administrative Clerk
    Campus Box 2202
    Normal, IL 61790-2202
  1. Once the evaluation for the endorsement is completed,
    1. The requestor will be sent instructions as to how to apply for the endorsement with the Illinois State Board of Education, or
    2. The Requestor will be sent a deficiency letter explaining what still needs to be completed in order for Illinois State University to make the recommendation for the subsequent endorsement
  2. If a deficiency letter was issued, the student must submit a new Request for Subsequent Endorsement Evaluation Form with evidence of having met the identified deficiencies to the appropriate office.  If this is submitted within one year of the date on the initial deficiency letter, no new evaluation fee will be assessed

*** Students must apply for the subsequent endorsements as soon as they have been notified that Illinois State University has made the subsequent endorsement recommendation.  A delay in application may cause the notification to become invalid due to changes in Illinois State Department of Education requirements***


Subsequent Endorsement Form

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