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Final Exam Schedule

Find the dates, times, and locations of your final exams in

Fall Semester: Information posted mid-September.

Spring Semester: Spring 2024 Final Exam Schedule

Summer Semester: Final exams take place the last day of class.

Change Your Exam Time

Final exams should be given and taken at scheduled times. Exceptions can be made to move an exam, but there are no guarantees.

Multiple Exams in One Day

If you have conflicting final exams or more than two final exams scheduled for one day, you can request a change to your exam schedule. Your request needs to be granted at least one week before final exams start.

  1. Complete the verification form in
  2. Once verified by our office, email the form to your instructor. It is up to you and your instructor to work out a new time to take the exam.

Exams Rescheduled by Illinois State

If a situation occurs that causes the University to close (such as weather), final exams will be canceled and rescheduled for the Friday of final exams week. Same times and locations apply.