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Fall 2023 Grades and Degrees

Fall 2023 grades will appear on transcripts beginning December 21, 2023. Choose the "After Grades are Posted" option to include your grades on your transcript. 

Final audit for Fall 2023 degrees will begin December 21, 2023. Degrees may not appear on transcripts for several weeks after that date. Choose the "After Degree is Awarded" option to include your degree on your transcript.

Receiving Your Transcript

When ordering online, you'll have the option to choose your preferred delivery option.

If you order your transcript in person, we can send it in the mail to you or a third party, you can pick it up in person, or you can authorize someone to pick it up for you.

To authorize a pick up, complete and print the transcript authorization form. The person picking up your transcript needs to bring:

  • a photo ID
  • the completed transcript authorization form