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Course Repetition Requirements

If you complete a course or withdraw from a course after the tenth day of classes, you can repeat the course one time. Traditional courses cannot be repeated in the same term, exceptions are select independent studies and courses with different topics.

Students who are requesting a third enrollment should consult their advisor. If the advisor approves their request, the advisor will submit a Third Enrollment Registration Permit Request for the student. The Registrar Service Center will process approved requests and will notify the student and advisor when the student is enrolled.

Repeated courses cannot be taken under the Pass/No Pass option.

Beginning with the 2020-2021 catalog, when an articulated course has been repeated at another college or university, that grade will not replace the previous grade earned at ISU nor can it be used to improve the cumulative or major GPA. However, the transfer credit may be used to satisfy a prerequisite, major, minor, or other requirement at Illinois State University.

An Illinois State student considering repeating or enrolling in any classes, including extension or correspondence, at another college or university while enrolled at or pursing a degree from Illinois State University should consult with their advisor. Graduate students must have the approval of the Graduate School to repeat a course at another college or university. 

Repeated Course Grades

When a course has been repeated at Illinois State University, the most recent grade (A, B, C, D, F) that the student earns will replace the previous grade in the cumulative GPA calculation. A grade of WX, AU, I, CR, CT, NC, P, NP will not replace the grade-, nor the hours earned in the prior attempt. The previous grade(s) will not be removed from the student's transcript, and the credit hours and grade points from only the last graded attempt (A, B, C, D, F) will be used toward meeting degree requirements.

If you are repeating a course to improve your GPA, keep in mind many professional and graduate schools recalculate GPAs to include all courses attempted.

Courses that allow multiple enrollments have a separate grade recorded for each enrollment and each grade (A, B, C, D, or F) is counted toward the student's GPA. Previous grades are not replaced or removed from the student's record until the maximum allowable enrollments or credit hours for the course have been exceeded. 

Credit Hours

Only credit hours from your most recent attempt are used toward meeting minimum hourly requirements for graduation.