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University Withdraw

If you wish to withdraw from all your courses in which you are enrolled, this process is known as a University Withdraw. You can withdraw from the University before the end of the 12th week during the regular semester. Students may withdraw from the university for any reason, including financial or physical hardship per University Policy 2.1.14.

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How to Withdraw from Illinois State


The most common way to withdraw from the university is to submit your request online. To withdraw from the university, access the University Withdrawal Request Form and follow the steps listed on the form. If you are unable to submit the University Withdrawal Request Form, please email for assistance.

In Person

Visit the Registrar's Office in 107 Moulton Hall with a photo ID.

If circumstances make it impossible for you to follow the usual withdrawal procedures, or you need to withdraw after the deadline, please submit the Request for Change form and a statement that explains your situation with appropriate documentation. Instructions for the Request for Change form.

Transcript Notations

If your withdraw request is granted, grades will be assigned as they are for regular course drop or withdraw.

If you withdraw from the University during the add/drop period, courses will not appear on your transcript.

If you withdraw from the University after the add/drop period, your transcript will include withdraw grades (WX) for all courses.

If you do not officially withdraw from the University, you will receive a failing grade in each class.

In unusual cases, exceptions may be granted by the University Registrar.

Tuition Adjustments

For questions about tuition adjustments, contact Student Accounts at (309) 438-5643

University Tuition Adjustment Calendar