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Applying for Educator Licensure

Before You Apply

Before you can apply for your teaching licensure, Evaluation Services will conduct a final audit of your academic degree. The final audit occurs after you complete student teaching and all other graduation requirements, including applying to graduate, are completed and final grades are turned in.

Additionally, Evaluation Services will post your degree and notify ISBE you completed your entitlement program.

Educator Licensure Only Option

If you already have a bachelor's degree, you can complete teaching licensure requirements at Illinois State.

Application Notification

Once your audit is complete, you'll receive an email with details on the application process. Applications for Educator Licensure are done through ELIS on the ISBE website.

Application Deadline

Complete the application within one year of your graduation, even if you do not plan to teach in Illinois immediately.

Delaying the application process can result in additional requirements, tests, and/or forms in order to be certified.

Request an Entitlement Audit

Complete the Entitlement Audit Form

This form is required for all graduating education majors, even if you are not seeking additional endorsements.

Audit Form Deadline: Complete the form no later than the sixth week of your graduation semester.

To correct or delete information, resubmit the form. The latest version will be used for your audit. No additional changes are accepted after the end of the term.