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Educator Licensure Only Option

If you already received a bachelor’s degree from Illinois State University or from another college or university (accredited for baccalaureate degrees by the appropriate regional accrediting association), you can pursue additional study to complete teacher licensure requirements at Illinois State University.

How to Apply

Undergraduate Students

Whether you're seeking a second bachelor's degree or completing a teaching program without completing a second degree (licensure only), apply for admission as a second bachelor’s student.

Your previous work will be audited. If you qualify for licensure only, your status will be changed.


To pursue the licensure only option, you must meet the requirements for the teacher education major, professional education, and licensure that are in effect at the time of your admission.

There are no specified hours required beyond the granting of the first degree and no minimum senior college level hours required for licensure only. If the preparatory audit for completing the teaching program indicates more than 30 semester hours will need to be completed, the student may wish to consider changing to a degree seeking designation.

Final Audit

Notify Evaluation Services when you are ready for a final audit of your records. This typically occurs during your student teaching semester.

If all requirements are met, a statement will be placed on your Illinois State University transcript indicating the date and area completed for license only. The Illinois State Board of Education will be notified for as well.


Only students seeking a second degree should apply for graduation. Licensure only candidates do not need to apply for graduation.