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Simultaneous Degree

Double Majors and Simultaneous Degrees students completing requirements for two majors concurrently are eligible to receive only one degree unless 150 or more hours have been completed*.

The degree awarded is based on the degree corresponding to the primary major. One diploma is issued to the student upon completion of both majors and all other degree requirements. Both majors are designated on the transcript at the time the degree is awarded. Majors are not printed on the diploma.

*A student may apply for and receive two bachelor’s degrees at the same time. To receive two degrees simultaneously, two different majors are required. The degrees may be the same (e.g., two B.A. degrees) or different (a B.A. degree and a B.S. degree). All specified major requirements for both degrees must be met as well as all general graduation requirements for both bachelor’s degrees. A minimum of 150 credit hours is required to receive both degrees.

Simultaneous Degree Application

The Application for Simultaneous Bachelor's Degree is for undergraduate 1st bachelor's degree-seeking students only. Please return the application by the deadline listed as an email attachment (PDF, Word, etc.) to or by mail to:

Evaluation Services
Campus Box 2202
Normal, IL 61790-2202